Billink Pay later

The payment service Pay Later is important for any online shop. It has a positive impact on your revenue and conversion, because customers are then more inclined to place (large) orders with your company. And you are obligated by law (in the Netherlands, at least) to offer a Pay Later payment service in your online shop. Gett’s clients and projects become more and more challenging, and that’s why we wanted to pick a payment service that matches everyone’s needs. That’s why we chose Billink : beneficial for companies and customers, easy to link with PrestaShop, affordable prices… In conclusion, exactly the right partner for Gett!

gett chooses billink

With any Pay Later payment service it’s important that both buyers and sellers profit from the service. After all, online shops want to get paid for what they deliver, and customers from these shops want to receive exactly what they’ve ordered. Luckily, Billink has it all covered. Whether you’re a private or a business customer, a big or a small company, Billink will look out for you. Please continue reading to find more about why we choose Billink.


Because Billink is beneficial to companies and customers, we like to mention some benefits of Billink separately. These benefits can be applied to both parties. Billink:

  • Accepts business orders of up to €10.000

  • Offers its Pay Later service in the Netherlands and Belgium

  • Has the most affordable prices in the market of Pay Later companies

This is the type of service that makes everybody happy. Did you know that Billink is the only Dutch Pay Later provider with such a high business order limit? This makes it possible for both businesses and customers to perform (large) transactions safely. Moreover, any online retailer will be thrilled to use a payment service that’s active in several countries and has very affordable prices. This will really help increase his conversion and revenue, while not having to charge his customers a lot for paying later. That’s a win-win for everybody!

billink for sellers

Billink can be linked quickly (within 24 hours) to any platform; the integration is very easy with the help of a free API or through plug-ins. Perfect for business owners who don’t want to lose any time. Other benefits for sellers to Billink Pay Later:

  • A very high acceptance rate thanks to smart software

  • Affordable, custom prices for any business

  • No subscription costs, only a small fee per transaction

  • Quick payment to companies (who can choose from different payment terms)

Clearly, Billink is the right party to handle everything to do with billing and/or debt collection. Thanks to an elaborate credit rating check, the best software and a custom service this company will always deliver when it comes to Buy Now, Pay Later!

Billink for buyers

Customers of online shops like to use a Pay Later service, especially if it’s the first time they’re shopping with you. But sometimes they still need an extra nudge to really place that order with you. That’s why Billink offers, amongst other things, these services to buyers:

  • Buy Now, Pay Later is almost always for free

  • Billink Purchase Protection

  • Your products will be delivered instantly, you have to pay within 14 days

  • Not satisfied with your purchases? Billink will pay you back right away

These services will really increase customers’ trust in your shop. No matter if they will buy your products or return them to you, Billink will make sure your customer service is always complete. Once customers know you have a reliable Pay Later service, chances are high they will shop at your store again. And that’s what every online retailer wants!

Billink and gett the best solution for your shop

When it comes to ordering, billing and debt collection you don’t want to make any mistakes. Especially in online retailing. That’s why e-commerce agency Gett chose Billink’s Pay Later service. May we support you and your online shop(s) in every way possible? Then please get in touch, because Gett always chooses the best e-commerce solutions and partners!