pay. Full-service omnichannel

Every payment, whether it takes place online or offline, needs to be taken care of as safely and quickly as possible. The Dutch company PAY.  is a Payment Service Provider who takes this task very seriously. They are always there for entrepreneurs, whether it’s about performing transactions, the payment method or technical support along the way. Gett is happy to have PAY. as its partner. With this full-service omnichannel PSP our clients are always assured of the best payment processing, in both online shops and physical shops.

gett chooses pay.

It becomes more and important to conduct your business online; online shops are growing in size and it’s becoming a lot simpler for companies to become active internationally as well. That is why Gett wants to choose a Payment Service Provider that’s just as ambitious as our clients. PAY. offers these types of companies exactly what they need: a 24/7 real-time service, all the popular payment methods within the EU and a lot more. Enough reason for Gett to choose PAY. as its partner. And enough reason for PAY. to let Gett build their official modules for PrestaShop. Would you like to know what else makes us happy about PAY? Then keep on reading.


PAY. Is a full-service company, and it shows. For example:

  • One contract, one payment and one bill

  • One simple way to link PAY. to your site

  • Always available for (technical) support, 24/7

  • Uses all popular payment methods within the EU (e.g. specialised in Pay Later and credit card)

  • Acquirer Licence for payments via Bancontact and iDEAL

PAY. has everything in-house, and that’s why they’re able to offer a complete service when it comes to payment processing. No matter where your customers are located in the EU, PAY. always has a payment method available to them. And are you missing a certain feature, perhaps one that competitors are using all of a sudden? Mention it to PAY, they’re always willing to accommodate to customer’s wishes (or maybe they’ve just started developing your feature).

Always the correct data

In today’s economy, where you can conduct business on more and more devices, it’s very convenient to be able to check your financial data wherever you are, no matter the time. That’s why PAY. allows entrepreneurs to check their transaction status in real-time, as well as giving them access to their payments wherever they are thanks to the PAY. app.

Attractive (extra) features

As we’ve mentioned before, PAY. has everything in-house. This also includes the development of the latest payment service features. For example, PAY:

  • Has reconciliation modules for online accounting software such as Exact Online, Twinfield and Yuki

  • Develops all sorts of conversion-enhancing tools, for example a back-up plan to deal with an iDEAL malfunction

  • Helps to lower the risk of fraudulent transactions, for example with their extensive credit card fraud prevention system

PAY. wants to relief entrepreneurs of the burden of payment processing through their features and services. All to ensure that the “omnichannel experience for buyers and sellers” is as smooth and safe as possible.

Pay. and gett always the best payment service.

Every (online) business should be able to put their trust in the best payment methods and the best Payment Service Provider. That’s why Gett chooses the service, innovation and international ambition of PAY. Thanks to this partner, we can always ensure our clients of the best payment service, no matter where or when orders are being placed.

P.S. Did you know that Gett sometimes works with multiple partners that (seem to) offer the same thing? This is because we want to offer every client exactly the type of service that works best for their company. That’s why Gett is, for example, also partner of Payment Service Providers Mollie and Billink.