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How to reach us

Our office is located next to a single direction road. This means you can only enter our parking lot from one side. This is directly on the right after you pass the traffic lights on the Keesomstraat. Our office is located in the left building on the 2nd floor.

Coming from A12
When you enter Ede turn the 3th Traffic light to the left. Then take 2 times the first right turn. Now your back on the Keesomstraat and you directly take a right turn again to enter our parking lot, like on the image on the left is shown.

Comming from Barneveld A30
Take the exit nr 1 Ede. Turn left at the traffic lights. Then turn left in the corner of the seccond traffic light. After this take the 6th street to the right. First to the left, and first to the right again.


Our doors are always open for strategic thinkers, creative minds, detail-oriented developers and aspiring marketing gurus who share our passion for e-commerce and digitral solutions.You will find yourself surrounded by like-minded people and your training in the art of table football starts immediately. Check out our vacancies or simply send us your resume if you would like to be the latest addition to our team!