Display Marketing

Display marketing is one of the most popular forms of online advertising. And this is rightfully so, because with visual ads on websites, in apps and on social media we are able to attract attention and aim a bright spotlight on your company. With smart call-to-actions we increase the number of clicks, visitors and eventually also the number of customers.

Gett knows how to reach the right target audience with exactly the right message. By leveraging our expertise in smart targeting, graphic design and hitting the right tone of voice, we get maximum returns for your organization.

  • Increased brand awareness and visibility

  • Smart re-marketing capabilities

  • Large reach

  • Relatively low costs

  • Measurable results


There are many ways to advertise by using display marketing. Banners, videos and even entire online forms are shown in the advertising space on websites, apps and social media channels. This is all automated via a display ad network, like Google Display Network of Facebook Audience Network. It is a matter of setting it up smartly once, monitor the results and optimize!


Display marketing may well be the most suitable tool for re-marketing. You can target your ads specifically to people who have already visited your website or had a shopping cart filled up in the past and yet did not commit to becoming your customers. This allows you to maintain your place in the top of their minds and still get them back to complete their purchases. This is exactly what makes this form of online advertising so effective!


Gett is all-in on online advertising with maximum result. This means we integrate display marketing with our overall digital strategy. We combine all the parts of your digital marketing into one large online campaign, designed to attract visitors and customers effectively and efficiently… and continuously does so. We would also love to cooperate in other areas, such as:


Internet agency Gett is your partner in online advertising … and much more! An elaborate team of specialists is standing by to make sure you are wanting for nothing in areas such as online marketing, content, web design and conversion optimization. This is how we make a big success out of your online business together, whatever your challenge may be. Let one of our cases inspire you or contact one of our specialists without strings attached.