Marketing strategy

Every company knows that a Digital Strategy is essential to attract new customers and to prevent losing existing customers. Many companies, however, have no clear plan that outlines how to achieve these goals. Understandable, because there are many online solutions out there these days. How do you determine what works best? That’s where Gett comes in.

Our E-commerce Consultants know all digital routes like the back of their hand, and they believe that all these routes combined will ultimately lead to success. As far as Gett’s concerned, the perfect Digital Strategy consists of a strategic cooperation between all online activities. This cooperation take place on a technical, creative and psychological level. Gett is a full service digital agency and that’s why we’re able to offer this type of high-quality Digital Strategy.

  • Bespoke online marketing strategy

  • Clear goals & direction

  • Irresistible propositions

  • Clear action points

  • Optimum use of available budget

Marketing strategy

Gett doesn’t work with strategies that are applicable to anyone and everyone. We believe in bespoke marketing service. That’s why we develop an elaborate Digital Strategy tailored specifically to the needs and objectives of your company. Furthermore, we combine tactics in such a way that we’ll reach the right persons at the right time. Read on to find out how we create your Digital Strategy.


Every Digital Strategy starts with determining your Objectives. It doesn’t matter whether you want to generate new leads and prospects or if you want to reinforce your relationship with existing customers, clear Objectives give direction to your strategy, help you make important choices and set benchmarks. Clear and measurable starting points that help you determine how successful you are becoming in your sector.


Our consultants use extensive Analyses to determine how your current website and online campaigns contribute to you reaching your business Objectives. We identify what can be improved and discover new focus points, while at the same time focusing on your online proposition. All of this data will result in a lot of valuable information!


Gett has built up a lot of experience with all the facets of online marketing, and that’s why we’re able to not only put our Digital Strategies into practice, but also give essential advice. Aided by our clear Consulting, you’ll know just what marketing techniques, online platforms and innovative ideas you’ll need to apply to conquer your piece of the online market.

Action plan.

Based on your Digital Strategy we’ll outline a focused Action Plan. A list detailing what obstacles need to be tackled, what bottlenecks can be solved and which brand new opportunities need to be addressed. In short, the Action Plan describes what will save time for your (online) business, what will save costs and what will result in the best possible user experience. While doing this, we never lose sight of your ultimate goal: turning a profit.

Marketingstrategie By gett

Gett loves to help every organisation, big or small, to outline a Digital Strategy with which they can conquer the online world. So do you want us to perform an analysis or do you need a complete marketing plan? Our e-commerce consultants love to help you out with writing and/or executing your bespoke strategy.