Social media is a significant part of every digital strategy nowadays. Your target audience is present on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn and that’s why your company has to be easily discoverable on these platforms. This is exactly why it is better to outsource the social media management to real social media experts!

With Social Media Optimisation (SMO) we improve your social media strategy. We discover on what platforms you should be active, what works for you best there and we create the content to match. We believe in a holistic approach, which is why we connect your social media to e-mail marketing, SEA and SEO campaigns perfectly.

  • Better brand awareness & loyalty

  • Effective PR

  • More website traffic

  • Higher conversion ratios

  • Measurable results


Outsourcing social media management is smart if you don’t have the time or the people to create and publish the right content constantly. A social media expert knows the ins and outs of LinkedIn and Facebook Ads like no other and understands perfectly what Instagram stories will deliver the most engagement. This has proven to be a lot more efficient and effective (also in regard to costs) in comparison to putting the efforts yourself!


Get twill provide you with your own social media specialist as your single point of contact. This expert is supported by a team of specialists. Online marketeers for example, who assist with the data analysis, while content creators direct the right videos and copywriters create the best content for posts… all under the guidance of graphic designers to make sure it fits your house style perfectly. This is full service by Gett, you don’t need to worry about anything.


By outsourcing your social media management, you will increase your visibility in all the relevant channels. This generates new visitors, new leads and new data in turn, which is used to create new campaigns. This is the way we set up effective funnels that convert followers magically into customers. A solid social media strategy strengthens all your efforts in areas like:


Internet agency Gett is your own social media specialist, sparring partner and executing party all rolled into one. We would love to tell you about how we work and what our capabilities are, but it is even better to show you. Get inspired by one of our cases or contact one of Gett’s social media specialists to see what outsourcing social media management could bring you in additional value.