Animated video


Why Animated Video?


It’s very normal these days to have an animated video somewhere on your website. These types of videos are an extra way to explain to visitors who you are and what you do or sell. Animated videos are usually very short videos which tell a powerful message.

The advantage of animated video is that it can be designed completely according to your house style. Another advantage is that they are timeless: nothing (e.g. old equipment or uniforms) will detract from your message in an animation.

  • Short, but powerful
  • Completely in your house style
  • Timeless message
  • Good image quality

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How gett Makes an
Animated Video

The Goal of your Animation

We start off with a meeting where we’ll discuss your wishes and how we may help you realise them. You’ve decided you want an animated video, but have you already thought about what you want to achieve with this video, what your goal is? For example, do you want to tell your mission and vision to visitors or do you want to make complicated products accessible to a larger audience? It’s important to take the time to discuss the goal(s) of your animation with gett, because this helps us create the best possible result for your company.

Determining your Target Audience

Another very important question is: Who are we making this animated video for? For you, of course, but which group of people do you want to target with this video? Do you want to address new visitors or help existing customers? Knowing your audience helps shape your story: With new visitors you might want to show off a product, but with existing customers (who already bought the item) you might want to share more detailed information.

Message, Design and Animation

As soon as we’ve answered the above questions it’s time to focus on your message: What do you want to say to your audience and how do you want this portrayed in the video? Do you want to tell a serious, professional story to B2B companies, or do you want to use an informal style with the occasional joke now and then?

Based on our interview with you, our specialists will write a storyline for the video and create accompanying wireframes. This way we will be able to show you exactly how we are creating your animated video.

Once you’ve approved the storyline, our designer (and you, if you want to be involved with this part) will determine the style of the video. Then it’s time for us to start designing every image of your animation in Adobe. Our designers love to use Adobe software for animated videos, because this software creates high-quality videos. When all separate scenes have been designed, the designer will animate them and assemble them so they become a whole.


Animated Video
by gett

Do you want to add an animated video to your online shop or website? This medium tells your company’s story in a whole new way to your customers. Interested in how gett can help you out? Our team of design- and marketing specialists will tell you all about it!


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