E-mail marketing is an important component of Digital Marketing. It is a direct, effective way to keep customers’ attention focused on your company. This type of marketing makes sure that people will not forget about you and convinces them to keep using your products and/or services.

gett believes it’s important to deliver custom service to every client. That’s why we work together with several e-mail marketing software partners. This way we can specifically target the marketing of each e-commerce or business website and achieve exactly what we want: better communication, more customer loyalty and more revenue!

  • Direct type of marketing
  • Personalised
  • Affordable
  • High ROI
  • Can also be combined with marketing automation

The benefits of
e-mail marketing

There are many reasons why you should take e-mail marketing seriously: it regularly persuades customers to take action, it is easy to automate, it generates important data for your marketing campaigns… need we say more? Allright, let’s list all the benefits of e-mail marketing:

  • More visitors, more conversion and (ultimately) more revenue
  • Improves the communication with customers and business relations
  • Improves customer loyalty
  • Quick and organised (thanks to marketing automation)
  • The effect of mailings is easy to measure
  • E-mail marketing software creates more and more exciting possibilities

types of e-mail

Did you know that nowadays e-mail marketing can be implemented in very specific and personalized ways? And that some types are easy to set up (the automatic ones), while others take a little more time (the manual ones)? gett loves to help you develop and write exactly the right type of e-mails for your customers. For example:

  • Product Recommendations;
  • Congratulatory E-mail;
  • Service Messages;
  • Abandoned Shopping Cart;
  • SMS Mailing;
  • Survey;
  • Sharing knowledge/expertise;
  • Rewarding loyal customers.

the best e-mail marketing

A local company doesn’t have the same online marketing requirements as an (inter)national online shop. That’s why gett has several e-mail marketing software partners. Is your customer base fairly small and do you want to send a newsletter once a month? Perhaps Mailchimp  will be perfect for your company. However, are you the owner of France’s biggest online shoe shop and would you like to create elaborate automated campaigns? Then Copernica or Spotler  might be a better match. gett always uses the best software for every customer!


Do you need anything else for your website or online shop? gett has everything in-house, whether it’s to do with Digital Marketing, Design, Digital Strategy or Web Development. If all these areas of expertise work together, you’ll see your company perform perfectly online! Are you happy with your current Web Development and Design, but do you lack the knowledge (or time) to seriously address your Digital Marketing? gett loves to take care of it for you, whether it involves:

  • SEO and SEA 
  • Marketing Automation
  • Social Media Optimisation
  • Lead generation

e-mail marketing
by gett

E-commerce agency gett loves to help you with your e-mail marketing. We know exactly which type of e-mail marketing and which type of software achieves the best results for your company. And we have the experts to take care of everything, whether you want us to write content or analyse customer data. Contact us now, we’d love to take care of your entire marketing!

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