Achieving the first position in Google’s search results can take months, maybe even a lot longer than that. Sometimes however, you need immediate results. Whether there is a new product launch, a competitor that needs to be kept at bay or you are a startup and time is of the essence to increase your brand awareness, SEA is the way to go in an effort to maximize results in the shortest time possible.


At Gett we believe that everything has to be in sync in order to run an effective campaign. From the first letter of your ad all the way down to the last click of the button on your website. It only comes together in the right way if SEA is combined with other strategies and channels. This is the proven way to ensure that there is a smooth customer journey that truly and directly contributes to sales.


  • Immediate increased visibility
  • Consistent results
  • Entirely measurable
  • Costs-per-click only
  • Increase in high quality visitors

Proven SEA

Before starting any campaign, our SEA specialists will do their homework first. They clearly identify the target audience and define the most relevant keywords for the resulting group of people. It forms the basis for strategic advertisements that attract attention and have a convincing call to action. Meanwhile the Gett team will also optimize all the relevant landing pages to ensure a smooth flow that guides visitors subtily to the next step.



We attract visitors to your website, convince them of your products and services and you are ready for action. Well, that is where most people consider the job done. At Gett we take it to another level. We also include effective management: we make every part of every campaign measurable and this enables us to deliver further improvements and fine-tuning for every following campaign. This delivers a higher return of investment. Period.


In the view of Gett, Search Engine Advertising goes hand-in-hand with other digital marketing services. It enables you to test a new design or you leverage its capabilities to dominate search results. Whatever your goals may be, our experts integrate digital marketing seamlessly into your overall digital strategy and we would love to work together with your team on:

  • SEO
  • Online advertising (display, remarketing)
  • Lead generation
  • Marketing automation
  • Data & Analysis


Full service digital agency Gett gives you all the knowledge and experience to turn your SEA ambitions into a success. Whether you have a website or webstore, we are eager to achieve results we can both be proud of. Allow our customer cases to inspire you or contact our team of experts immediately to discover how our smart advertising will help you to grow your company.

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