Browser plugin Flash end-of-life at 2020

Adobe, the inventor of Flash, will stop developing and distributing the browser plugin Flash at the end of 2020. From that moment on Microsoft will also stop supporting it. Flash has had problems with outdated technology for several years now.

Adobe’s Flash Player was launched in 1996 and has been widely used for many years to add interactive elements to a website. According to Google, eighty percent of all Chrome users visited websites with Flash 5 years ago. Nowadays, less than 8 percent of the websites are still using Flash Player.

The risks of Flash

Flash is no longer supported by iOS and Android. The plugin has become unreliable and is consuming too much battery power. In 2020, cyber security is very high on the agenda of many, if not all, IT users. Partly due to the security problems of Flash, the Player has become a target of hackers. In fact, Adobe advises consumers to remove Flash Player before the end of life date of December 31, 2020.

In recent years there many alternatives have come on the market that made Flash Player losing market share more and more. New techniques such as HTML5 are not only better, but also open source and not tied to a revenue model.

The consequences of the end of Flash

Since Flash has largely been replaced by other techniques in recent years, a relatively small number of websites and shops will be affected by this. It may affect certain websites that still use older content management systems. Certain functions such as uploading text and images may stop working. If you are unsure whether your website makes use Flash, please contact Gett support as we’re happy to assist you!