Since July 1, Adobe stopped supporting Magento 1. This means that Magento 1 web shops will no longer receive updates. The consequence can be a slower site, online security issues and lower Google rankings, to mention a few. As webshop owner, are you switching to Magento 2 or do you choose another platform, such as PrestaShop? Now is the time to choose!

A lot of customization, long and expensive lead times, a complex software stack; there are many reasons to consider switching to another platform. Would you like more functionalities for less money, a more flexible platform, and faster turnaround times? Then you should consider PrestaShop! Convince yourself, we are happy to show you PrestaShop in a free demo.

Why PrestaShop?

Switching from Magento 1 to PrestaShop has many advantages:

  • With PrestaShop we can guarantee that the look and feel of your current shop is preserved. From standard themes to customized themes, the shop can look the way you want down to the smallest detail. Yes of course, at PrestaShop that also costs time and therefore money, but our experience shows that we can usually do this up to 2x faster than Magento developers.

  • Save up to 50% on migration costs Time is money as explained, from theme to backend functionality cost savings can be found everywhere.

  • PrestaShop offers out of the box more standard functionalities than Magento. This benefit speaks for itself. Convince yourself whether what you need is not just already available as standard in PrestaShop.

  • With many existing and affordable modules and API links, you can easily add functionalities with PrestaShop and establish connections with your accounting or stock system.

  • PrestaShop is perceived as much more user-friendly than Magento. The day-to-day management of a PrestaShop webshop is easy to master and most tasks can be done with a few mouse clicks.

Choose PrestaShop and save!

We’ve already mentioned it before, but cost is probably the main reason you should consider switching to PrestaShop. If you choose PrestaShop, you can save up to 50% on the Total Cost of Ownership. Not only is the development of the webshop cheaper, the hardware configuration at PrestaShop will also take up much less disk space and you will not have to pay any license costs. In addition, you will save money in terms of management costs, because the webshop can be managed in-house more easily.

Why preferred to switch to PrestaShop rather than upgrading to Magento 2

We recently migrated the webshop from Magento 1 to PrestaShop 1.7. Our team of designers, project managers and developers managed to get the shop operational in less than a month! It was especially important for that the look and feel of the new webshop should not deviate too much from that of the previous shop. And we certainly succeeded with that with a lead time of less than a month and for only 59% of the cost of what the upgrade to Magento 2 would have cost!

At Gett we always go the extra mile!

In addition to building a new shop, at Gett we also find it important to find creative solutions for complex issues. For example, asked us if we could come up with a solution for their annual import, for which the Magento developers previously charged thousands of euros per year. Due to the user-friendliness of PrestaShop, we have written a manual and provided an online explanation only. Now the import can be executed by the team of and they are no longer dependent on external resources for this. Of course, we’re also in the business to earn money, but good solutions for the customer provide a lasting customer relationship and that is ultimately worth much more.

Interested to see the result?

View the example of with some before and after photos. Entirely in the style of the current webshop, but even more user-friendly!

From Magento 1 to PrestaShop: The best choice for every shop

So, are you managing a Magento 1.x webshop? Now is the time to consider PrestaShop. We’re here to gett you informed! Contact us now for more information about PrestaShop and our services.