Gett ready for Q4: Make shopping easy

Is your (online) shop ready for the busiest season of the year? Every year we see a large part of the annual turnover is being realized in the months of November, December and January. This year the season will look differently from previous years. The COVID19 outbreak has led to changes in consumer behavior. A survey by Wells Fargo showed that 70% of consumers do not plan to return to brick-and-mortar stores any time soon. Do not underestimate this period and make sure that you, your team and your webshop are completely ready for what’s coming.

The competition doesn't sleep

Characteristic of this period is the increasing competition. That is not surprising since this is the moment when consumers are looking for the best promotion and the perfect gift. Of course, consumers want to benefit from that. This means that it will be a bigger challenge than usual to achieve a top position in Google and, as a consequence,  the cost per click (cpc) will be a lot higher. Your online marketing strategy has never been more important than during this period! But where do you start? The following marketing tips and tricks will help you to boost your sales at the end of the year.

1. Make it easy to shop

There are so many webshops and there is so much choice. Use content marketing to help the customer a in their search for products or services that you offer. Send a personalized email with products based on their purchase history. Or, inspire with the top 10 gifts in an online guide. Also, you could create a virtual shop assistant to help finding the perfect gift.

2. Make it easy to order

Due to the enormous choice, the consumer is also becoming increasingly more demanding. The online shopping experience has never been more important. That starts with ensuring that your website technically works flawlessly. Make sure your website is fast, the menu is clear, the filter options work and customers have easy access to your FAQs, contact page and possibly a live chat. So take a moment and go through the entire customer journey, make sure everything is clear and works properly. This way you prevent potential customers dropping out during the ordering process.

3. Make delivery easy

Your stock is key to your sales! So make sure you have enough products in stock. When customers know exactly what they want to buy, they search online until they have found a webshop that does have the product in stock. Are there products that you are temporarily unable to deliver? Then put them offline for a while, so they are not visible to potential buyers. It’s a huge dissatisfier for shoppers to find products that are not available and it unconsciously suggests that other products may not arrive on time due to availability issues.

4. Make standing out easy

With increased competition, it is extra important to stand out. So, ask yourself the following questions: How do I convince my customers to buy their gifts online and not in a physical store? And more importantly that they buy in my shop and not from a competitor. Which benefits or added value can I offer my customers? Think about exclusive online deals, a gift for your loyal customers, super-fast delivery or a beautiful gift box. Now is the time to get it right!

5. Make finding you easy

Did you optimize your webshop and came up with some good campaigns? Then it’s time to take a look at your Google Ads campaigns. The battle for the best positions starts during the Holiday Season, so you better be well prepared. Our SEA specialists have all the technical knowledge to beat your competition and help you use your budget as efficiently as possible.

  • Adjust your Google Ads budget!

Avoid losing relevant traffic by keeping your campaign bids and budgets low. Start adjusting your budgets based on the increasing search volume. This way you stay one step ahead of the competition!

  • Be competitive!

Time to bring you’re A-game, because increasing your budget is just the beginning. Start bidding aggressively on the keywords you want to be found on in order to achieve higher purchasing intent among consumers during the holidays. The result is more visitors and more consequently more purchases.

  • Chose your wins

Take a good look at your products and keywords. See if you can improve your bids to score even higher with popular products. Do you see that certain keywords and products do not score well? Then you better exclude these products and keywords from your campaigns. After all, it is only a waste of your budget. Could you use some extra help in optimizing your Ads campaigns? Our SEA specialists are happy to help you! Request a free consult here.

6.  Keep it simple

We understand that the christmas feeling is contagious, but our advice is to keep it as simple as possible. Focus mainly on one good idea, with a clear benefit for the customer. Therefore, don’t create a campaign for every idea you come up with, but critically evaluate your ideas. This way, you only choose campaigns with a high chance of success that meet the needs of your target group. For example “20% discount on our Christmas gifts”, or “free shipping this week!”.