Google shopping advertising the secret of a successful campaign

Unsure about Google Shopping? Are the costs per click far too high or do your products show up for unqualified searches? Don’t give up too quickly on Google Shopping; it can be a lucrative way to grow eCommerce sales! In this case study, we will talk about the Google Shopping campaigns of Krisman Westeneng Schoenen. We advertised over 4.000 of their products and increased their number of transactions with 360%. Besides, the customer paid 45% less on advertising costs (CPA). Our secret? A successful query-Level Bidding campaign structure.    

  •   140% more clicks

  •   360% more transactions

  •   47% lower costs

What is Query-level bidding?

With Google Shopping, you advertise on products that are being added to a data feed. Advertisers send their data feed to the Google Merchant Center and Google decides how to target certain searches to your products. Google uses product titles and your product descriptions for this. This means you cannot target keywords for Google Shopping, and risk mismatched products, which hurt your ROAS. Query-Level Bidding is a popular, but slightly difficult, bidding strategy that allows you to quickly and easily bid separately depending on the search query.

The rules of query-level bidding

There are usually three rules that you need to apply if you want this Google Shopping strategy to be successful:

Setting up the Google shopping campaign structure

Krisman en Westeneng Schoenen sells shoes in width sizes from extra narrow to extra wide They sell men’s, women’s, and children’s shoes of brands like Durea, Gabor and Birkenstock. To generate more online sales, we set up 5 Google Shopping campaigns for, in total, more than 4000 products and used the Query-Level Bidding strategy. This led to a very satisfying result: the number of transactions increased by 360%. That’s what we call successful advertising on Google Shopping!

Below, we’ll explain how we applied the Query-Level Bidding rules to Krisman en Westeneng Schoenen.

1. General search query

“Women’s shoes” is a very general search query. When someone is typing this into a search engine, this person is not necessarily looking for your product. Also, the competition on this keyword is rather high, so the CPC (Costs-Per-Click) will be more expensive. Enough reason for our marketeer to bid low.

2. Search query with brand name

People who search “Durea women’s shoes”, are more likely to buy the shoes; they are searching for a specific brand. The competition for this search query will be lower (not all shoe stores sell Durea or want to advertise on this brand) and the CPC will be much lower than a general search query. Here, our SEA specialist has more room to make a bid.

3. Specific search query

With a very specific search query like “Durea women’s shoes width B”, there’s a good chance that this will lead to a purchase. Furthermore, the number of companies selling this type of shoes will be a lot lower than the number of companies selling “women’s shoes”. This means that “Durea women’s shoes” is a very valuable search query with a low CPC: now is the time for our marketeer to make the highest bid.

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