Increase your revenue with email campaigns: 5 useful tips for B2C online shops

There are still people who don’t use email marketing for their (online) company. That’s a shame because email campaigns are an easy tool to increase your online revenue. Research has shown that customers who regularly receive emails from you are more likely to spend money in your online shop. In this blog, we will share 5 tips with you on how to set up a successful email campaign.

Tip 1: Increase your newsletter subscriptions

Start with increasing the number of subscriptions for your newsletter. Add a Sign-Up button to your home page or create a pop-up. The possibilities are endless! Do you also own a physical shop? Then ask customers while they settle their bill whether they want to receive your newsletter. Or put a stack of sign-up forms at the checkout. Gett loves to advise you on what method works best for your company!

NB: Customers will be more inclined to sign up for your newsletter if this comes with some type of benefit or reward. E.g. a discount on their next purchase or the possibility of winning a prize.

Tip 2: Gather data about your target audience

It’s very important to expand your customer data with customer-specific features like gender, age and personal interests. Email platforms like Copernica will automatically expand your data based on what is gathered in various databases. Do you use MailChimp or a similar platform? Then you can collect this data yourself through the optimisation of your newsletter sign up form or page and your customer registration process.

NB: Don’t ask customers for too much information on the sign-up page, this will have a negative impact on the number of newsletter subscriptions. Send an email afterwards to let them know you are missing some information about them.

Tip 3: Create email campaigns for different target audiences

Once you’ve ‘enriched’ your customer data (and hopefully increased your mailing list) it’s time to divide your customers into different segments and to set up email campaigns for these specific groups. These days it’s not enough to send one email to your entire mailing list. The better you divide your customers into specific groups, the more personal your email(s) to them will be. And, ultimately, the higher your conversion rate is going to be!

Tip 4: Determine the best times to send email

The best time to send an email campaign can differ per target group. That’s why we advise you to test what works best for your customers. For example, send a newsletter on different days of the week. Based on the statistics of your campaign, you will see when your newsletter is the most successful. Keep testing the best ‘send time’ every once in a while, because the behaviour of your target group(s) might change in time.

Tip 5: Send personalised email campaigns

Personalised email campaigns are based on your customer’s profile and meet his or her wishes or interests. Below, you’ll find some examples of personalised email campaigns:

  • Congratulatory Email (e.g. for a birthday): Send a mail to congratulate your client with this festive occasion. If you want to, you can add a discount or small gift to your email.  

  • Welcome Email: This visitor of your online shop has just become a customer; the perfect time to welcome your latest customer. Make your welcome extra special by adding a fitting campaign or discount to your email.

  • Replenishment Email: Make it easier for your customers to re-order a product; remind them in an email of what they’ve ordered a while ago. Allow customers to make a repeat purchase via one simple button in your email.

  • Reactivation Email: Have you noticed that some customers haven’t shopped with you in a while? They may have forgotten all about you. High time to send them a reactivation email!

  • Abandoned Shopping Cart Email: Send an email to those customers who didn’t buy the items they put in their shopping cart. Convince them to place their order at your shop.

Set up your email campaigns with Gett's help

As you can see, there are many ways to increase your revenue through email marketing campaigns. Gett’s marketeers know exactly how to help you reach your business goals with the help of email marketing. Whether you want to increase your overall revenue, promote a specific product or generate more leads, Gett knows what email campaigns work best! Would you like to know how we can increase your revenue with the help of email marketing? Contact us right now to schedule a non-binding introductory meeting.