Magento 1 EOL, now what? Bigcommerce !

As of 1 July, Adobe will no longer support Magento 1; the e-commerce platform will then become End of Life (EOL). This means that Magento 1 shops will not receive any updates and that Magento’s partners will stop supporting these shops as well. This will quickly lead to slower sites, lower Google rankings and a gradual deterioration of your shop’s online security. Have you already decided which platform you migrate your shop to? No? We would recommend you to seriously think about Bigcommerce, a so called “Open SaaS” platform that is becoming increasingly more popular with online entrepreneurs. Switching from Magento 1 to Bigcommerce has many benefits. Would you like to know what they are? Then keep on reading, Gett loves to tell you all about it!

Why Bigcommerce instead of Magento (2)?

You might be wondering why we recommend Magento-1-users to migrate to an entirely different platform. Isn’t it much easier to simply choose Magento 2? We don’t think so:

  • Bigcommerce, as an “Open-SaaS” platform it is a best of both worlds (Open Source and SaaS) solution that combines the speed and continuity of a SaaS platform with the versatility and flexibility of an open source platform.

  • Bigcommerce is perfectly suited for established and fast-growing companies.

This makes Bigcommerce really interesting for ambitious e-commerce managers, especially those who are experiencing problems with Magento that are not uncommon for Open Source platforms. For example, are you tired of the amount of time that has to be spend on maintenance? Then you’ll love Bigcommerce; they take care of everything when it comes to things like security and software upgrades. Not yet convinced? Then you read on, because we’ll tell you all about the speed, usability and attractive TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of this platform.

Fast time to market

The speed of Bigcommerce is impressive: the migration of existing online shops takes on average 4 weeks only, the integration is smooth and their Time To Market is very fast  (about 58 days). So, whether you want to start a new online shop via Bigcommerce or want to migrate your existing shop , this platform is ready to boost your business.


Usability is key in case of commending products or services. The way this is executes can be quite different though. Bigcommerce focuses in this respect on e.g. low maintenance, easy updating and flexibility to build something unique. And, last but not least, a very high uptime, making it very reliable for both owner as well as visitor. That’s usability right there!

Low cost, more revenues

Thanks to solid online security, the earlier mentioned speed and low maintenance cost, this platform will make entrepreneurs very happy with a low TCO and high ROI. Or, in other words, with lower cost and more income. This is also good news if you’re considering expanding your online business. That’s because Bigcommerce (it’s all in the name) is perfectly suited for those entrepreneurs that want to scale up their online shop.  

From Magento 1 to Bigcommerce: The best choice for your shop

Are you the owner of a Magento 1 online shop? Then the time has come to migrate your business to the safer, quicker and better Bigcommerce platform. Gett will make sure that everything will go as quickly and smoothly as possible! Do you have an online shop on another platform, but are you unsure if this is the right fit for your shop? Our specialists would love to advise what works best for your company.

Gett has carefully thought about a new e-commerce platform and we are convinced that we can boost your online business with this Open Saas platform.

Would you like to know more about Bigcommerce and our services? Then please contact us.