PrestaShop 1.7.7. improved order pages

It’s finally time for the release of PrestaShop 1.7.7. We at gett can’t wait to update the PrestaShop webshops of all our customers to 1.7.7. Especially because PrestaShop has announced that one of the main focal points of this update was improving the order list page and the order detail page. Would you like to know more about these changes to the order pages of PrestaShop? Then keep on reading!

Why did PrestaShop update the order pages?

The order pages in the backend are essential to any online shop. If they don’t function properly, your whole business can go wrong pretty quickly. As PrestaShop mentions, they are “one of the most used pages by our merchants”, and they really needed to be updated: “The pages were becoming particularly unpleasant to use because of their old visual appearance and hierarchy of information that led to inefficiency and misunderstanding for our merchants”. To make sure that they made the ‘right’ changes to these pages, PrestaShop interviewed all sorts of merchants about their webshop. Based on the results of this survey, they knew exactly which existing features needed to be improved and which new features needed to be added. Below, we’ll explain how these (new) features will improve your PrestaShop user experience if you upgrade to 1.7.7.

1. PrestaShop order list page

Every business likes to save time and be as productive as possible, whether they sell offline or online. PrestaShop acknowledges this by focusing on making your order list easier to read and manage. The new features allow shop owners to process and read more data from their order list page; users will have to spend less time on the Order Detail Page.

Order status

Two features, the Editable Order Status Labels and the Statutes’ Colour will be really useful for a more efficient processing and managing of orders. The editable status labels allow you to change the status from ‘awaiting bank wire payment’ to ‘delivered’ very easily thanks to a drop-down list. The status colour feature underwent a useful update; instead of a wide array of colours, PrestaShop has now chosen 4 default status colours for different situations. This way, you can quickly determine whether a status requires your attention, or whether you can focus on other things.

Customer profile and order's preview

Quickly checking information is important when it comes to customer details and other essential information like the invoice address, carrier details, product list, etc. That’s why PrestaShop developed two features, Customer Profile and Order’s Preview. Would you like to check an address or send a message to this customer? No need to open the order, simply click on the customer’s name (which in PrestaShop 1.7.7 will be displayed as a link) and read the profile in a separate tab. The same goes for quickly checking, for example, what products this customer have ordered. Click on an icon next to the Order ID and a panel will open with the order’s essential information.

Bulk action and open in new tabs

Sometimes it’s very useful to tackle multiple orders at once. That’s why PrestaShop also redesigned the bulk action feature and added the open in new tabs feature. This way, things like changing several order statuses at once, or processing several orders at once will become a lot easier to do, even when your internet connection is suddenly slowing down.

2. PrestaShop order detail page

Besides improving the speed and productivity of the Order Pages, PrestaShop focused on two more things: readability and positioning of information. For example, they found from their survey that many PrestaShop users first wanted to read the list of Products when they opened the Order Detail Page. Up until now, this had been positioned at the bottom of the Order Detail Page. In PrestaShop 1.7.7, you will find the Products at the top of the screen; a useful improvement to this page! The Hooks which our Developers can add to the Order Detail Page have also been relocated to more strategic positions to create a better UX. What other features have been added or improved?

Pagination and message interface

A product list on the Order Detail Page can be just as lengthy as the order list on the Order List Page. That’s why PrestaShop has now also added Pagination to the Product List. It becomes visible when customers add more than 8 products to their shopping cart. Another thing which needed improving was how messages to customers were being displayed. In PrestaShop 1.7.7, the most recent 4 messages will be displayed. Would you like to read older messages? Then the Message Interface allows you to see the whole conversation between you and the customer in a separate pop-up modal. Another useful way to keep you on one page, instead of constantly switching between pages!

Pack and customised products

As with the message Interface (and some of the features on the order list page), customised products is also a feature that is designed to make you as efficient as possible on one page. That’s why PrestaShop 1.7.7. allows you to view additional information or files below each customised product. The same goes for the pack products, where you can quickly check what is in each pack via a pop-up.

Don't forget this important PrestaShop update!

As you can see, PrestaShop 1.7.7 will be an important update for our PrestaShop customers. The improvements and additions to the order pages can really have a positive impact on the management and will saves you a lot of time processing your orders. Do you currently own a PrestaShop 1.7.6 online shop or does your webshop run on a previous version? Then we highly recommend you to contact us, so we can upgrade your shop to 1.7.7 as soon as possible. Do you have any other PrestaShop wishes or requests for our team of experts? Team gett is happy to help! After all, we are a platinum PrestaShop partner!