SEA: Using Google Ads ad extensions

As Online Marketeers, we’re constantly busy optimising Google Ads campaigns. Gett knows from experience that not everyone is using every available advertising tool, for example, Ad Extensions. We think that’s a shame, because these extensions make it possible to elaborate your online advertisements with more information. If you use Ad Extensions, potential customers will take more notice of your ads and click on them much faster. In this blog we’ll tell you more about the extensions Google has on offer and how these will help to improve your campaigns.

What is an ad extension?

An Ad Extension allows you to add more information to your Google Ads. For example, the location of your offline store, pricing, different categories and USPs. However, this is just the beginning. Extensions usually improve the click-through rate (CTR) of your advertisements. If you add more information to your Google Ads, they will look more attractive and will be more visible to an audience. In short, your ads will stand out more in the list of search results.

The benefits of ad extensions

Besides improving the visibility of your Google Ads and improving their CTR, extensions have another benefit: if you use them, Google rewards you with a higher Quality Score. This can ultimately lead to a cheaper click.

What’s also good to know is that adding extra information to your ad usually doesn’t require you to pay more for this ad. You only pay for the amount of clicks your Ad Extension receives. The CPC rates are the same, whether you use extensions or not. The only exceptions to this rule are the Review and Callout Extensions; for these extensions you’ll have to pay extra.

What types of extensions does Google Ads have?

Google has many diverse extensions to improve the visibility of your online ads. We’ll discuss five Ad Extensions that are used often by our SEA specialists:

  • Sitelink Extensions

  • Structured Snippet Extensions

  • Callout Extensions

  • Location Extensions

  • Price Extensions

Sitelink Extensions

With Sitelink Extensions you can place several links underneath your Google Ads. These extra links direct people to a specific area of your online shop. This is useful, because they only have to click on a particular sitelink to end up on the right page of your shop. It’s not required to add a description to your Sitelink Extensions, but we do recommend it. The more information about your products or services, the better!

Structured Snippet Extensions

Use Structured Snippet Extensions to underline specific features of your products or services. Google has already determined certain values you can use, like Up To 50% Off Summer Sale and Mens Footwear Offers in the example below. These values can be things like related products, different brands or models, services or facilities you offer, etc. You can add up to 10 different values to each Google Ad.

Careful: this extension looks like the Callout Extension, but the content is different.

Callout Extensions

Callout Extensions are used to promote the USPs and (temporary) offers of your organisation or product. This Ad Extension tells customers more about your customer service, for example, “Free Shipping and Returns”.

As with Sitelink Extensions, you can use no more than 25 characters for a Callout Extension. You can create up to 20 of these Callouts per ad. However, these won’t be visible all at the same time, and that’s why it’s important to pick at least 4 distinctive features. We prefer to separate the different promotions and USPs per ad. Google will show your Callout Extensions below the description of your ad.   

Location Extensions

Are you the proud owner of an online and offline business? Then it can be interesting to use the Location Extension. This Ad Extension helps customers find your location (offline store), because it shows your company’s address in Google Ads. People can simply click on the extension and will then be directed to your location in Google Maps or to your contact page. This way, all vital information about your company is instantly available to everyone.

Price Extensions

Another valuable SEA tool is the Price Extension. This extension gives our clients the opportunity to highlight more products or services. Price Extensions consist of a set of maximum 8 cards which can show different options and prices. If people click on one of these extensions, they will be led directly to the product they’re interested in.


It really benefits your Search Campaign if you start using well-made Ad Extensions. These extensions will make your online ads stand out from the competition, while at the same time providing your customers with vital information. That’s why gett advises clients to use those Ad Extensions that best meet their company’s business goal(s).

Would you like to know more about Google Shopping Extensions? Or would you like our SEA specialist to create or optimise your Search Campaigns? Gett is always ready to help you out! Please contact  us to discuss your options.