Storytelling makes website reliable and authentic

A recent study by researchers at Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University) confirmed it once again: storytelling works. This type of marketing remains popular amongst marketeers, whether they’re involved in online or offline marketing. Would you like to know what storytelling’s all about and how the marketeers of Gett apply this strategy? Then keep on reading!

What is storytelling?

Storytelling is on the one hand exactly what it says: the telling of stories. However, if you apply this to marketing or communication, it becomes a bit more specific. The Dutch site explains (corporate) storytelling like this: “By integrating facts and arguments into a logical story, the audience becomes involved with the message. An authentic story holds their attention and is able to explain news and decisions, puts a human face on an organisation, evokes emotions and provides certainty.”. How do you think a bakery could apply storytelling to his web shop and/or website? His initial instinct might be to tell it how it is, nothing more, nothing less: “We bake the best rye bread, soda bread and spelt bread. We also bake amazing pastry, both savoury and sweet.”. But will this convince a (potential) customer enough to buy loafs and cakes at this bakery, instead of at the supermarket? Maybe not, especially when he’s never bought any products there before. It’s in situations like these that good storytelling can make a difference. So what might happen if we apply this technique to the story of the baker? Maybe something like this: “Our family has been baking all sorts of bread for 3 generations, and we’re not planning on stopping any time soon; bread is definitely in our genes! So come and taste our amazing rye bread, soda bread and spelt bread and become just as hooked as we are on freshness, quality and good taste. And are you feeling peckish while you visit us? Then you musn’t forget to try some of our famous pastry in all shapes and sizes; our customers can’t get enough of them!”. Can you tell the difference between the two stories? Where would you go shopping based on this?

Online storytelling: SEO copywriting

SEO copywriting, if done well, can be an important form of online storytelling. We believe it’s the job of online marketeers to fill every page of a website or –shop in such a way that it has readable, attractive, high-ranking content. However, it happens quite often that marketeers don’t have the time (or skills) to focus on storytelling in their online texts, and that’s a shame. After all, there are always visitors who will be irritated by badly written texts. Moreover, they might question the reliability and authenticity of the company behind the website (especially if this is the first time they’ve heard of the company). Would you like to make sure that no visitor leaves your site because of unoriginal, sloppy content? Our online marketing team will be happy to help you out with all your online writing!

Online storytelling: Videos and pictures

Imagery can contribute just as much to (corporate) storytelling as text. Visual content combines many factors that might help convey your message: your clients see and hear the employees, it becomes clear(er) what they do and they can (literally) visualise the entire organisation. Did you know that it’s been proven that videos and pictures lead to more website visitors? We’ve discussed this in our blog about Google My Business. Would you like to use more videos and pictures on your business or e-commerce website, but are you not sure what works best for your company? Gett’s online marketeers know all about (visual) storytelling, so don’t hesitate to call or email us.

Storytelling? We Gett it!

Do you already know all about SEO? Are you the type of person who rarely makes spelling mistakes and do you get a kick out of writing a convincing text for your company? Then please, go ahead and fill the pages of your website with your own content; we won’t stop you! However, we can’t all be language aficionados (or simply don’t have the time to write and run a business). Would you rather have someone write and optimise your texts and images for you? Gett’s marketeers would be glad to help you. With our help your story will always be told perfectly. Because we get storytelling!