Take advantage of Google My Business' latest update

Are you already using Google My Business? Then you probably want to know about Google’s latest June update. Would you like to know more about new ways to stand out on Google’s search pages? Then please read our blog about the latest developments in Google My Business. That way, you won’t be overtaken by the competition; maybe you’ll even become the new market leader in your sector!

1. Use more pictures

You probably already know that imagery is essential for the marketing of your business. Have you already published all the necessary images (company logo, logos of brands you work with, pictures of office and/or employees) on all the necessary online and offline platforms? Then it’s time to focus on Google My Business, because it’s now possible to publish a cover photo and other pictures there as well. As long as you’re not violating Google’s rules and regulations (e.g. with regards to the size or the resolution of your files), you can now completely adjust your company profile to your liking. Are you not such a fan of using pictures on a company profile, or in general? Maybe you’ll become one when we’ll tell you that Google clearly registrates more request for travel directions to a company when this company is using imagery. Moreover, the traffic to your site also increases exponentially. So select the best pictures you have and publish them on your page; we’re curious when you’ll notice the effects!

2. Claim a short name and URL for your company

Would you like to make it even easier for (future) clients to find you through Google My Business? Create a short name and URL  for your company. This can be very helpful these days, because people take less and less time to read texts. This abbreviated business name will be easier to remember for customers and will give them a quick, alternative route to your business (information). It can also be beneficial if the name of the company is quite lengthy to start with. So come up with a recognisable, abbreviated name, turn it into a URL and share it with your target audience. Please note that this name needs to be at least 5 characters long. For example: Is your company called Joe Harris Interior Design? Maybe you can shorten it to HarrisInterior or ManchesterDesign (if you’re based there). Is your favourite name already claimed by another entrepreneur? Don’t worry, just make it stand out in another way: Through location (see the above example), industry, specialty… be creative! By the way, did you know that you can also use this URL if people want to leave a review on Google My Business? The address then becomes g.page/short-name/review

3. Reward followers with a welcome offer

It’s now possible to reward people who follow you via Google My Business with a one-time welcome offer.

For example, do you own a pet shop and do you want to increase your customer base? Come up with an offer for all new followers that gives them a discount on a popular brand of dog food or a toy for their pet(s). That could be just the right incentive for these potential customers to visit your store or to at least keep an eye on your company’s news. And that’s what it’s all about in online marketing! Are you ready to create a welcome offer? Then please note that:

  • You can only create a welcome offer via the Google My Business-app

  • The identity of followers will be shared with your company as soon as they accept the offer, even though they had been following you privately up to now

  • Only new followers will be able to see your welcome offer

4. Badges / attributes: coming soon?

Some Google functionalities aren’t always available to everyone at the same time. For example, the ones we’ll mention below won’t be available in The Netherlands just yet. The badge (or attribute) functionality is expected here at the end of this year. Google creates factual and subjective attributes that you can either select yourself (the factual ones) or are awarded to you by your customers. These attributes (outdoor seating, friendly customer service) will be shown as badges on your profile when people visit your page. It’s not entirely sure yet how Google will decide whether you’ve earned your badge(s), but it’s clear that they want to reward the companies in a certain industry that are top performers. Who wouldn’t want that for their company? So keep your eyes open for the possibility to earn badges.

5. Google offline promotion material: coming soon?

Again, we’re not sure if this is available to you yet, but we hope you won’t have to wait long! Because Google now also offers to help you with your offline marketing via Google My Business. You can order stickers, posters, coupons on their webshop, all in your personal style and based on the information that you’ve gathered on your business profile. The perfect way to make offline use of your online reviews. And the perfect to really reach your target audience everywhere! Are you excited to try out these new functionalities? We too! However, you might feel you don’t have enough time (or skills) to really benefit from Google My Business. No problem, gett’s online marketeers love to help you out in that area. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you could use some help with your online marketing; that’s what we’re here for!