Google Adwords has a new name: Google Ads

You’ve probably heard about Google AdWords. Did you know that Google has decided to change the name of this ad program? As of 24 July 2018, it will be known as Google Ads. Since the launch of AdWords 18 years ago, a lot has changed. And that’s why Google believes the old name doesn’t suit the new version anymore. Google wants this changed name to communicate to people that the products of Google Ads are now more accessible and easier to use by advertisers and publishers.

Google Ads | What has changed for users?

Google Ads offers owners of websites or online shops the opportunity to keep an eye on different statistics of campaigns and adverts. This way, owners (or online marketeers, of course), can easily determine which payed advertisements (also known as ads) get the highest response and, therefore, make the most amount of money. People can use a whole range of ads, for example, Search Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads and App Ads. It depends on the sector and/or product which ad will work best. We will discuss those ads below:

  • Search Ads

Search Ads are the text advertisements displayed in Google. You only have to pay for them when a visitor clicks on your ad or uses the call button. With these ads you can decide the Cost-Per-Click or determine a daily budget.

  • Display Ads

One of the things that’s going to change for users is that Google will launch the ‘image picker’ at the end of 2018. The Image Picker is meant to make the use of Display Ads a lot easier. Display Ads contain text, images and other ‘rich media’, which means you can add personalized lay-outs, interactive elements, animations and a lot more.

  • Video Ads

YouTube Video Ads are only shown to users that you want to target specifically.

  • App Ads

You can use universal app campaigns to promote your iOS or Android app. It takes only one campaign, which will reach billions of users on Google. Through machine learning you will know who to target and how to make the most of your advertising budget.

Invest in your company with Google Ads

This change by Google also means that the name Google AdWords and the name DoubleClick will disappear forever. DoubleClick advertiser products and Google Analytics 360 Suite will become known as Google Marketing Platform, while the DoubleClick publisher products and DoubleClick Ad Exchange will become known as Google Ad Manager. However, these changes will have no direct impact on the usage of both services.

We believe that if you advertise via Google Ads, you invest in your company. As long as you make sure that you know precisely how Google Ads works, no campaign or ad will be too much. Do you need help with Google Ads? We’d be glad to help you out! Please contact us, and before you know it you’ll create beautiful ads for your company.


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