Efficient e-mail marketing
with Spotler

You can’t underestimate the effect of e-mail marketing, according to our online marketeers. E-mail marketing effectively puts the spotlight on your company for (potential) customers, increases the traffic to your online shop and leads to a higher conversion rate! However, you can waste a lot of time and energy if you don’t use the right tools. That’s why gett uses the smart e-mail marketing software by Spotler  to make automated campaigns for B2B and B2C e-commerce companies. For example, abandoned shopping cart campaigns, win-back campaigns and birthday campaigns. Spotler’s software is intuitive, complies with the privacy legislation and helps reach your business goals!

The benefits of

automated campaigns

Spotler makes clever use of data for automated campaigns. This allows us, for example, to send product newsletters based on preferences or to send dynamic content to specific target audiences. We’ll make our campaigns as relevant as possible so the conversion is as high as possible!

Professional Approach

The possibilities are endless with Spotler, this software goes a lot further than ‘standard’ e-mail marketing. That’s why it is perfect to approach (potential) customers in a professional way.

AVG-Compliant software

Spotler ensures safe data storage in the Netherlands and has developed the best AVG-compliant software. This way, your customer data will always be processed and stored in the safest way possible.

Clear revenue reports

The results of every campaign are shown in clear revenue reports. This will really make it insightful what you get out of every campaign.

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gett chooses spotler. You too?

Do you want more traffic to your online shop and increase your conversion rate thanks to e-mail marketing? Together with Spotler, gett helps you to make your e-mail marketing as efficient as possible for your company. We will create all sorts of personalised campaigns and take your marketing to the next level. Are you ready for the next step?