Most popular CMS system

WordPress was founded in 2003 and has since become the most popular Content Management System (CMS) system. Today, more than 37% of the websites are created using WordPress. At gett too, many of our customers rely on WordPress’ versatile CMS to manage their online presence. In terms of user-friendliness, cost, (almost) limitless creative possibilities and the vast availability of third party add-ons, make it easy to understand why WordPress is so popular across the globe.

1. User-friendly

WordPress’ usability is probably the main reason why it has become so popular. Managing content is easy and in no-time you will understand how you can add and adjust images or texts yourself. For your design and marketing, there are many tools available too. For example, did you know that WordPress has the most plugins available of all CMS’s? Thanks to WordPress, gett has developed a beautiful website for you in no time that fits your company needs perfectly.

2. Cost

WordPress is an open-source Content Management System. By nature, this makes it less expensive than systems that are specifically developed and sold by a company (proprietary CMSs). WordPress is, of course not, completely free, but the price of a website can be very affordable, depending on your specific wishes. Are you satisfied with one of the free themes? Or do you want to have a custom design? With WordPress you can achieve both for a reasonable price.

3. Limitless possibilities

We already mentioned it: WordPress has a huge number of plugins available, more than 50,000 at the moment! This way, gett can build your website exactly the way you want, for example:

  • With Yoast SEO (the best SEO tool at the moment)
  • With a custom design
  • For an international audience
  • Including your Google Analytics data
  • Responsive
  • Social media integrations

4. Every WordPress website is unique

Thanks to a combination of customization, themes, tools and plug-ins, every WordPress site is unique. For example, check out the websites of these companies in gett’s portfolio:

Whether you have a company in building and construction, or you’re organizing special holidays, or you’re helping all IT specialists nationwide to find a new job, gett will make it happen with WordPress!

5. E-commerce in combination with BigCommerce

WordPress is ideal for developing websites. If you would like a webshop, we recommend that you choose a special e-commerce platform. With BigCommerce it is possible to combine this e-commerce software platform with WordPress. With the “headless” version of BigCommerce, you can combine the functionalities and back-end of BigCommerce with a front-end in WordPress. Ideal if you prefer the ease of use of WordPress, and still want all the functionalities of an open-SAAS webshop. Read more about BigCommerce open-Saas platform here.

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