BetaIT is an IT-recruitment agency for programmers of most disciplines, ranging from .net to PHP and from front-end to back-end or full-stack. This company is an interesting example of 21st century entrepreneurship, because they first started out their work armed with nothing more than a laptop, a mobile phone and LinkedIn. After a while, it became clear that a website was a necessity after all. No wonder; after all, your online presence legitimises who you are, what you do and how you do it. BetaIT’s recruiters noticed that some candidates and businesses were initially interested in working with them, but backed down once they found out the company had no online presence. Furthermore, as the company grew, BetaIT realised that it was essential to have an Applicant Tracking System. Because of increasing demand, it became necessary to use an application that managed the status of all vacancies. At the same time, an ATS shows the recent supply of job offers on the site and allows the candidate to apply directly via this tool. This saves time and, because of that, money.

Starting a business without ambition doesn’t happen very often and this situation is no different. Becoming the best in the Netherlands, that’s what they want! To reach that goal, you have to have a good website, but that’s only the beginning. You also need to pay attention to a solid online marketing strategy.


After an extensive interview, needed to thoroughly map every wish and demand of our client, we started to write our Digital Strategy. We then began planning our online marketing actions based on our SMART goals. We’ve written SEO texts for the website and personalised the design, focusing on conversion and user experience. At the same time, our web developers began building a website that included an API-link to the recruitment software of Bullhorn, so they could use the 3rd party Applicant Tracking System on the site.


BetaIT now has a professional, recruitment website where both jobseekers and employers can easily find their way. A site that will rank high in Google. Thanks to the Bullhorn link, people can apply directly via the LinkedIn profile of BetaIT. Bullhorn is also very useful for the recruiters; they will be able to match companies and jobseekers much quicker because all data will be stored in one place. This means that BetaIT is now able to place more candidates with companies, and much quicker as well. That will really help with their ambition to become the best IT-recruitment company in the Netherlands!