In 2016, GlasGigant came to gett with the idea of conquering the online market with customized glass for windows at wholesale prices. GlasGigant has since grown into a true household name in the field of glass and the company continues to grow every year. But how did the online shop become such a success?


An idea just doesn’t grow into success. So, let’s take a look at two factors that have certainly contributed to the success and growth of GlasGigant:

  • Continuous development and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Expanding the range of custom products

Continuous development and CRO

A well-functioning webshop is just the beginning. By constant proactive collaboration with the customer and optimizing the webshop, we’ve ensured that GlasGigant has been achieving its objectives. This includes adding extra editing options, accessories, and supplies during the ordering process. Customers can easily order these additional products now which helped to increase the average order value . This shows that relatively small changes can have a big effect on the average order value.

Ordering real custom work online

GlasGigant has quickly become a household name among glazing companies and DIYers at home. We developed a special module with which GlasGigant’s customers can easily order customized products online. Customers only need to choose the type of glass and during the ordering process they can pass on the sizes and any additional options. Making, sending and following up of quotations is a thing of the past. That is a huge saving!


 Custom modules

Continuous development and CRO

order processing?
That can be done
more efficiently!

As a company you can focus on getting as many online orders as possible, but if the processing is not yet efficient, this will be at the expense of your profit. GlasGigant’s online orders were previously entered into the system manually one by one. We have automated this process by building a tailor-made API connection. The result is a fast and efficient solution to continue to realize the growth in online requests for custom glass products.

The Result

Over the past year, we have been working on the further automation of the ordering process and the optimization of GlasGigant’s webshop. At gett, we look beyond just selling more. For us it is important that the customer sees growth at the bottom line. This can be realized in two ways: increasing sales and/or by saving costs.

In order to realize the increase in turnover of GlasGigant, we increased the order value by offering the customers on the webshop additional products they may need to fix the glass they purchased to the windows and further expanded the range of custom products. To save costs, we have been working on automating the process.

Do you also specialize in online sales and delivery of products that need customization? Or do you want us to take a good look at your online process? We offer you the solutions you are looking for to further optimize your webshop. Contact us today and together we’ll start working on turning your ideas into a great success!

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