At Internetbureau Gett B.V. (hereafter known as ‘Internetbureau Gett’) we value the protection of privacy of everybody who uses our services. In this Privacy Policy we will explain how we handle personal data and how we protect your privacy.

Contact Details:

Address: Keesomstraat 40(a)
Postcode: 6716AB Ede

Processing of Personal Data

We only process personal data as far as they are necessary for our services. You have provided these personal data to us via, for example, our website, e-mail, telephone or the app. We will process the following personal data:

• Name and address
• Contact details such as e-mail addresses and phone numbers
• (Dutch) Chamber of Commerce number
• Bank account number
• VAT number
• Content(s) of communication
• IP-address and location data
• Internet browser and type of device
• Data concerning your activities on our website
• Other data you knowingly provide to us, for example via correspondence and/or telephone

We use this personal data for several purposes:

• to perform our services
• to let our website function perfectly
• to meet our administrative obligations, for example towards the Tax Authority
• to prevent and fight fraud
• to inform you about web-related content

Security of Personal Data

We are very careful with your personal data, and that’s why we have taken the following measures to prevent abuse, loss, unauthorized access, accidental disclosure and unauthorized modification of this data.

– You connect with our website ( through a secure connection.
– The computers on which your personal data are being processed and stored always have the latest security updates by Windows or Apple.
– The computers on which your personal data are being processed and stored have adequate virus scanners.
– The group of employees that have access to personal data is as small as possible.
– All employees that have access to personal data are bound by a non-disclosure agreement aimed to protect personal data.
– All external parties that have access to personal data have signed a Data Processing Agreement which requires these third parties to observe confidentiality and to only process personal data if Internetbureau Gett tells them to do so.

Do you suspect, despite all these measures, that your personal data is not secure or do you have evidence that your data is being abused? Please let us know via

Sharing Personal Data with Third Parties

We of course will never sell your personal data to third parties. However, for us to provide our services correctly, it is necessary to share personal data with external suppliers. We try to limit this sharing to a minimum and will only share your personal data with other parties if it is necessary for the execution of our agreement with you or to meet legal requirements. We will ask companies that process your data for us to sign a Data Processing Agreement to make sure that our partners take your privacy just as seriously as we do.


In order to make our website perform perfectly, we use the services of Google Analytics, but always with your privacy in mind. The technical, functional and analytical cookies of Google will not compromise your privacy. A cookie is a small text file that will be stored on your personal computer, tablet or smart phone when you visit our website for the first time. These cookies make sure the website works properly and will save preferred settings. All IP addresses that will be saved as a cookie by Google, will be anonymised and saved in an anonymous fashion afterwards. Cookies can be deleted via your browser settings. It is also possible to set your browser in such a way that cookies no longer will be saved. Furthermore, you can prevent the storing and processing of any data generated by cookies (including your IP address) by downloading and installing the Opt-Out Browser Add-On via this link:

We have decided upon the measures below to ensure that your personal data will not be used by Google for other purposes.

– Google has signed a Data Processing Agreement in which Google obligates itself to use your personal data only when Internetbureau Gett allows the company to do so.
– Personal data will be encrypted and anonymously processed by Google
– The sharing of data with Google has been turned off. This means Google cannot use your personal data for their own services.
– Google Analytics cookies will not be used alongside other Google services such as DoubleClick and AdWords.

Retention Period of Personal Data

To minimise the risk of losing personal data as much as possible, we store personal data for the shortest amount of time possible. This means that we will only store personal data for as long as we need them to reach the aforementioned goals. There are certain types of data that we have to store for a longer period, because we need to meet legal retention obligations, such as the fiscal retention obligation.

Rights of Persons Whose Personal Data We Process

You remain the owner of your data. It is always possible for you to see what data belonging to you is being processed, corrected or deleted by us. Furthermore, you can always revoke authorisation to process personal data or object the processing of this data by us. At your request, we will send your data to you in a computer file or to an organisation of your choice.

Any request to read, correct, delete or transfer personal data, to revoke authorisation or to object to the processing of this data can be mailed to:

To be absolutely sure that you have personally requested this, we ask you to attach a copy of your identity card with your request. Be sure to black out your photo, MRZ (Machine Readable Zone, the strip with numbers at the bottom of the card), card number and BSN (Dutch citizen service number), so that this data will remain safe from being used by third parties. We will respond to your request within 4 weeks.


Special And/Or Sensitive Personal Data
We have no intention to collect or process data of persons younger than 16 years of age. However, we are not able to check the age of those persons, and therefore we cannot prevent that data of persons younger than 16 years old will be processed. If we find out that someone is younger than 16 years old, we will delete their personal data. If you suspect or know someone that we have processed data of to be younger than 16 years old, you can contact us via We will then delete this data.

Making Automated Decisions
We don’t use personal data for the making of Automated Decisions. We would never do this, but we are, nonetheless, obligated to mention this to you.

Complaints? Contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority

For the sake of completeness, we would like to point out that you have the opportunity to complain about the processing of your data at the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens). Please visit their English website for more information.