Integration makes your web shop a lot more efficient and more effective. By connecting your shop to systems such as your bookkeeping, stock management, as well as relationship and information management, you are processing all information in real-time. This is a great way to ensure you always have the complete overview and keep a firm grip on your business. That saves a lot of time, effort and money.

Gett is specialized in building various (custom) integrations. We connect systems to your web shop, so you never have to type invoice numbers manually or walk into the warehouse to check your exact stock.

  • More speed in handling orders

  • Flawless management and administration

  • Save time

  • Lower costs for personnel

Web shop connections

No web shop is made the same. Every web shop owner has their own way to run their business. They have their own goals and wishes. This is why we provide custom connections. Useful integrations with functionality that is tuned for your unique web shop and requirements. This how we make your efforts more efficient, commercially viable and above all more enjoyable. That’s certainly important as well.


A bookkeeping connection processes all your orders automatically in your books fast and flawlessly. For example, every order you receive is processed and an invoice is created in your financial software, including the right amount of VAT, shipping costs and applicable discounts. Your financial books are always up-to-date from then on. You will not have to worry about it anymore. We are able to connect to Exact Online, AFAS, Accountview e.g.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is key for your excellent customer service. Do you use AFAS or Salesforce for example? With a connection between your CRM system and the web shop you can keep track easily of the information regarding your customers, partners and suppliers. All relevant information and communications will be maintained in one location. This allows your employees to work efficiently. It also helps you to manage the business better and offers your customers a better experience.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software brings available information of the different departments together. This is how you can have all the information together in one single dashboard, such as your purchasing and sales data, logistics information as well as financial data. Also, ERP connections such as Exact Online Handel, Microsoft 365 Business Central and Vision, help your website with the automation of actions within your company processes. This makes your organization even more efficient!


Stock management is crucial for your web shop. You want to ensure that products are always available for your customers. You need to replenish your stock timely, especially for product that have a rapid sales cycle. By using a WMS solution, you can keep track of your stock automatically and you can optimize receiving goods as well as your warehouse. This is how you keep a grip on your flow of goods.


We often encounter scattered product descriptions, translations in various locations and images all over the place. This can be handled better. In fact, it should be done better, especially for shops with thousands of products. With a PIM system you control all product information from a single location and connect it automatically to the products in your web shop in a smart, fast and consistent way.


Web shop connections are of vital importance for the success of your web shop. This is why you should leave your web shop connections to the experts at Gett. We implement the right systems and connect them seamlessly to your e-commerce environment and each other. Contact one of our experts now and discover the possibilities for your web shop today!