PrestaShop hosting

PrestaShop hosting ensures you keep your website online, always and everywhere, safe and with great performance. This is incredibly important, because a safe and speedy website ranks better in the search engines and improves the customer experience. Good hosting is the base of a long-term steady growth of your PrestaShop.

 Gett can provide you with special PrestaShop hosting, supported by true experts. We provide a hosting package that suits your wishes and needs, as well as the configuration needed to make your web shop perform optimally. No matter how small or large your shop… we provide everything you need for online success.

 PrestaShop hosting for every web shop

  •  Safe and up-to-date

  • Variety of packages (managed & unmanaged VPS)

  • Including server configuration

  • Back-ups

  • Blazingly fast load times

High-speed PrestaShop Hosting

Nowadays speed is crucial for your online business, especially for web shops. That is why Gett guarantees blazingly fast PrestaShop hosting. Do you have an international web shop? You are best off selecting a CDN, ensuring the shortest possible load time for your website anywhere in the world. This is particularly relevant for companies with an international operation. We also set up the server configuration right away in order to create the optimized environment for your specific web shop. That makes all the difference.

Secure & safe

Speed is important, but the hosting has to be safe as well. You need to protect your shop (and your customers) against viruses, malware, spam, hackers and digital theft of information. This is exactly why we always keep both our hardware and software up-to-date. We also set up multiple automated backups, secure our servers with DDoS protection and offer a broad range of state-of-the-art firewalls. This is how your shop stays online and well-protected around the clock.

Improved Performance

Our PrestaShop hosting offers a safe and well-performing shop, but in order to be successful online you need to have all digital expertises come together. This is why Gett also offers web development, online marketing and CRO. This is the only way to improve the performance of your online shop and how we help you increase your turnover.


Full service e-commerce agency Gett provides safe and fast PrestaShop hosting that allows your business to grow. Whether it’s managed or unmanaged VPS hosting, CDN, including domain registration, backups and if so desired also server configuration. Altogether it provides a fast and safe foundation for your online success without any efforts of your own. Contact us now to speak with one of our experts and receive guidance with no strings attached.